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10 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

1. Get A Manicure: Your hand is about to be the subject of a lot of photos and constant attention (“Ooh, let me see that ring!”), so don’t embarrass yourself with some chipped, unpolished hot mess of a hand. Get a mani, professional or at-home, as soon as possible.

2. Insure Your Ring: If your fiance hasn’t done it already, you need to insure your engagement ring immediately. The jeweler where he purchased it should refer you to certified insurers. Don’t forget to ask the jeweler for an appraisal slip which will be used to determine its value.

3. Settle On A Budget: Whoever is bankrolling your wedding — whether it’s you, your fiance, his parents or yours — needs to sit down and have that uber-awkward, but essential conversation about the wedding budget, including a specific number. Keep all family relationships intact by minding this budget down to the last red cent.

4. Pick A Date: You’ll need to know the date – or at the very least the season/month – of your wedding before making many other important decisions (like picking your gown, theme, bridesmaid dresses, etc).

6. Sign Up For Pinterest: Holy motherload of inspiration — I honestly don’t know what brides did before Pinterest. It is hands-down the most intuitive and vast resource for inspiration; search and save photos of everything from your dream dress to DIY favors, mouth-watering cakes and more.

7. Pick A Location: The location — city and venue — is the most significant decision you’ll make for the wedding, so it’s better to get this discussion started as soon as possible. All parties involved, ie. his family and yours, will have an opinion about where you should be married, so hear all sides, consider the season, theme and budget, and settle on a venue that works best for you and your guests. Here are the 10 things you need to know before picking your wedding venue.

8. Hire A Planner: Girl, I don’t care how Type-A, organized, rockstar you are — you’re going to need a wedding planner. At the very, very least for the day-of, but I highly recommend hiring someone to help you for the long haul. Find out exactly what you can expect from a professional planner before signing that contract!

9. Attend The Bridal Shows. Many vendors use this opportunity to reach out to as many couples as they can. Many will offer amazing discounts and freebies so hit as many booths as you can.

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