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2024 Trends. What's In For 2024

  1. Capturing Memorable Moments

Those picture-perfect moments continue to steal the show. From candid snapshots amidst champagne towers to striking poses with vintage cars, expect plenty of fun and memorable photo opportunities in 2024!

  1. It's all about the party

The trend towards larger gatherings for weddings remains strong. Couples are favoring larger gatherings and of course the energy that friends and family bring to the party!

  1. Unplugged Serenity

More couples are opting for unplugged ceremonies, encouraging guests to set aside their devices. This ensures everyone is fully present, fostering a deeper connection and a more intimate atmosphere.

  1. Simplified Wedding Parties

Gone are the days of overly done weddings. Couples are opting for simplicity with a small wedding party or..none at all. The focus shifts to the couple and their unique love story.

  1. Sustainable Choices

Sustainability takes center stage with locally sourced florals and rented decor gaining popularity. Eco-friendly weddings are on the rise, emphasizing the importance of reducing waste through thoughtful choices.

  1. Desserts Galore

Dessert tables are making a comeback, Desserts are stepping into the spotlight, with couples embracing a variety of sweet treats to delight their guests.

Upcoming Trends:

  1. Comfortable Bridal Parties

Seated bridal parties are shaking up tradition, ensuring comfort for bridesmaids and groomsmen after walking down the aisle.

  1. Unforgettable Experiences

Couples are focusing on creating wow moments through dramatic displays, surprise dances, and unique food presentations, leaving a lasting impression on their guests.

  1. Culinary Creativity

Highly curated menus featuring unique dishes and custom bar options are becoming increasingly popular, reflecting couples' individual tastes and preferences.

  1. Themed Dress Codes and Mini Bouquets

Themed dress codes add a touch of creativity to attire choices, while mini bouquets bring delicate elegance to wedding ensembles.

  1. Brief Ceremonies

Modern couples are favoring shorter ceremonies focused on guest engagement and happiness.

  1. Audio Guest Books and Content Creators

Audio guest books provide a fun alternative for guests to leave messages, while hired content creators ensure real-time social media coverage, allowing couples to enjoy their day without distractions.

Trends to Bid Farewell:

  1. Uniform Bridesmaid Dresses

Matching bridesmaid dresses are being replaced by individual styles that reflect each bridesmaid's personality and body type.

  1. Overly Staged Photos and Wedding Hashtags

Couples are moving away from overly staged photos and wedding hashtags, preferring candid moments and creative documentation methods.

In Summary:

Embrace the trends that resonate with your unique style and love story to make your wedding day truly special!

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