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5 Mistakes Couples Make

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Before they even book their venue!

The venue is one of the biggest investments you'll make and plays a huge part in the success of your event. Of course you want everything to be perfect.

Mistake 1. Booking A Venue Based On Price.

So you've scanned the venue websites looking for the least expensive facility you can find. Take your time and compare apples to apples. The venue will be a huge part of the success of your event so of course it will be worth every penny.

Mistake 2. Booking a venue too small for their guest count.

We're seeing larger events with larger guest counts. We're also seeing the larger venues book first simply because you'll need a ton of room for dancing, games and all the other fun stuff that comes with a wedding. Guests will leave early if they are not comfortable and they can't move around.

Mistake 3. Sending out "Save The Date's" before they've booked a venue.

Lock in your date with the venue before making any announcements. Once you've sent out the announcements, you could find yourself in a jam to find a venue with your availability. This results in booking a less than desirable location leading to dissappointment. in your overall experience.

Mistake 4. Booking a venue without a backup weather plan.

It's not unusual for venues to get calls at the last minute from a bride needing to change her wedding venue based on a recent weather forecast. The venue she booked, doesn't have a backup plan and rain is in the forecast! Wouldn't it be nice to have multiple ceremony and reception options?

Mistake 5. Not being flexible with a date.

As soon as the engagement is announced, friends will be asking, "when is the date?" This puts so much pressure on couples to select a date without considering the venue's availability. Just say to them, "we will let you know!"

Venues can offer you special packages and pricing based on the day of the week, time of the year, etc.

If you've made one of these mistakes, simply take a breath and relax. Hopefully, you've booked a venue that has a great deal of experience to help you pull off your event like a pro.

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