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Bridal Portraits, 8 Great Reasons.

Updated: Mar 28

They're making a comeback! If your wedding planner or coordinator calls the "getting ready" photos, bridal portraits...nope we're not talking about the same thing. Bridal portraits are a separate photography session which are never scheduled on wedding day. Along with the DIY movement, some of the more finer traditions of beautiful weddings ended up to the roadside in order to save money. Photographers are introducing bridal portraits in their packages as an option or add on and we're so glad to see they are trending! Brides are rediscovering this idea and photographers are just as much in love with the idea. Here are some great reasons to bring back this finer tradition.

1. Opportunity to get to know the photographer before the wedding day!

Perhaps you weren't overly thrilled with the photographer who took your engagement photos. Or maybe you're looking for a different "feel" for your wedding day pics.

2. Be prepared for wedding day pictures after "posing" during a bridal session.

You know the drill, you've posed before and so now on wedding day, everything is a little more relaxed!

3. Get comfortable wearing and moving around in wedding day attire.

Thinking of wearing heels, After an hour in the dress and shoes, you may realize perhaps flats will be a better option.

4. Have a hair and makeup trial run.

This gives you an idea of how low or high maintenance your style will be.

5. Capture beautiful pictures of you and a loved one who may not be able to make it to the wedding.

Perhaps a beloved pet could pose for the bridal session but, can't attend the event. Perfect!

6.Have a slower pace versus following the wedding day timeline.

So many brides have said their wedding day went by too fast. And yes, it really does. There's so much to get done in just one day. Getting some of the photos done in a different photo session, lightens your load on wedding day.

7. The ability to take pictures in more locations.

So many beautiful backdrops to choose from. The bridal portrait session doesn't have to take place at the venue.

8. Have a great focal point for the reception.

Display your gorgeous portrait on an easel next to the guest book or the entrance to the venue.

Talk to your photographer about bridal portraits. I'm sure they will fall in love with the idea!

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