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Elopements and "Tiny Weddings"

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

2020 and 2021's fastest growing trend!

2020's Covid Virus is quickly pushing 2020 and 2021's fastest growing trend to the forefront. But, is it right for you? Both options are worth considering. Let's take a look.

What is a "Tiny Wedding"?

Simply put, a tiny wedding is an extra small wedding. It takes the big wedding concept and shrinks it down to a smaller more intimate event of only about 10-50 people or so (give or take a few). Think of it like a combination of the traditional elements of a large wedding and the affordability and intimacy of an elopement, plus a few friends and family involved (though not always).  If you can get past having a limited guest list, this is an amazing alternative to a large and often costly occasion.

There are many benefits of having a "Tiny Wedding".

Could a "Tiny Wedding" or Elopement be the right fit for your event?

That depends! If you are…

  • Looking for an event that is laid-back and low pressure

  • Want an event that’s nice but affordable, and something that won’t put you or your family into debt

  • Want something genuine and meaningful to you and your partner

  • Are ok with only having a handful of your nearest and dearest there to witness your I Do’s

…..then a tiny wedding or elopement may be the perfect option for you!

So what is an elopement?

The Elopement Package is designed for just the couple, (just the two of you). It's very romantic, and intimate and involves the two of you and the minister. Most people who book elopements are looking for something different, trendy or maybe it's just their personal style. Perhaps they are not into the pageantry of a more elaborate production. During the covid virus, many couples will opt to book an elopement and then hold a rehearsal later. There are other reasons why a couple will choose elopements and many are for the same reasons they might book the "tiny wedding". Often it's just a personal preference.

So what is a "Tiny Wedding"?

Think of these smaller more intimate events as a cross between a traditional wedding and an elopement. They both have the same elements, elegance, affordability and intimacy. The "Tiny Wedding" package is designed to include more guests. So you could invite close family and friends celebrate the occasion as well if you choose.

We've also had dozens of couples book the tiny wedding package for vow renewals and destination weddings! 

Both packages feature almost everything you need to make your special day laid back and beautiful.  In addition, there are options to customize a package to make your event pinterest worthy and "one of a kind".

Check out this gorgeous image of the The Carriage House.

This is the Carriage House located on the grounds of The Belvedere estate in Carthage, MO

This is a fantastic venue for your elopement or tiny wedding. Some of our packages include tables, chairs and decor so literally all you'll have to bring is yourself and fiance! You can use this space for the ceremony or reception or both. You choose!!

There's also a courtyard which some of our brides call the "party patio".. a massive concrete patio with a canopy of string lights strung overhead. It's a nice bonus area to do whatever you like.

If an elopement or tiny wedding might be something worth considering, give us a shout! We will meet you at the venue, show you around and explain all the amazing features and possibilities for you to consider. Packages start at 399.00


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