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Final Walk Through Checklist

There are tons of questions that many couples don't even think to consider.

Many times, we see couples attend an open house just to look at decor unaware that there's so much more to planning a wedding than centerpieces and decor. On wedding day, they are completely overwhelmed. Although we just rent the space, your certified coordinator or event manager will be the one to look to for a picture perfect day. Here are a few things that she should be aware of.

Do you know where the light switches are

Do you know how to use the pin code to unlock the doors

Do you understand what the end of evening procedure requirements are

Do you know what to do with the trash at the end of the night

What happens if your door code does not work? Hint, check your watch. The door code activates at the beginning of your reservation period.

Alarms are sounding, what does this mean, trying to access parts of the facility before your reservation period will activate the security system. A deputy may arrive to ask questions.

Do you know what to do upon arrival to the venue

Do you understand that the incurred expenses fee you paid will be used in case of excessive cleanup or damages

What about a back up plan in case of inclement weather? Do you have a generator?

Have you planned for the seating arrangement?

Do you know where the thermostats are located. Do you understand how to operate a thermostat or what the optimal temperature should be for a large gathering?

(Turning it lower does not blow colder air)

Do you understand that the venue does not provide professional services such as parking, ushering and officiating.

Do you have a copy of your contract

Are you familiar with the venues operating hours.

Do you know how to communicate with the venue on wedding day? Do not call the venue. We are not here on wedding day. Remember, we're closed for your event so no one will be in the office.

Do you know where the fuse box is located? Fire extinguishers?

The door alarm is going off. Do you know what this means?

Is your table layout fire code approved?

Does your table layout allow proper egress?

Do you know what the venues fire code capacity is?

Are you familiar with the venues open flame policy?

Will your decor block signage that tells your guests where the restrooms are? Where the fire extinguishers are?

You lost power in the building, what happened? Hint: did you bring roaster ovens? Yes, you'll lose power in the building and you'll lose heating/HVAC in the building for the remainder of the event. A licensed technician is not available after hours to reset the furnace. Roaster ovens are not allowed. Verify with your caterer that they will use the proper equipment to keep food warm.

These are just a few items to consider. As you can see, this is why wedding/event managers are recommended.

Open houses are a fantastic opportunity to visit the venue to learn more about how to make your day an event that guests will be talking about for years!

See you at the next open house!

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