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Flat rate decor rental

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

We have a new option at the venue! We've had several of our brides mention it and we think this is a great idea. Currently, decor may not be used in any of the other areas such as the barn/pavilion and outdoor areas. You probably remember reading this in your contract or have seen the signs in the decor room during your tour or before you reserved the venue.

The new option allows you to pay a flat rate rental fee to bring any of the decorations from the decor closet outside or to the barn/pavilion. Use 1 or use 100, the rate is the same. This excludes furniture from the ballroom, lounge and getting ready rooms! We currently don't allow decor items to be brought outside due to the astronomical amount of damage and disappearance. Items can be kicked, knocked over, and damaged by unattended children or by someone who simply didn't see the decor on the ground.

Many of our brides are already excited about the idea and as of this weekend, they are already taking advantage of new option. We prefer that you let us know in advance if you plan to rent decor items but, if not, security, who monitors the cameras, will make a note on wedding day and we can deduct the rental fee from the damage escrow. We know on wedding day, you may see things you'd like to use. Remember, the items are free to use in the ballroom only but, we think this new option will open up a ton of new ideas that you can use on wedding day.

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