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Friday Weddings

Updated: Apr 12

Friday weddings hit a little different.

Fridays are pretty popular at The Belvedere probably out booking Saturdays. Why? There are tons of reasons why our couples prefer Fridays especially when you consider our Thursday Perk! day is not enough for such an awesome event. Our couples want to stretch the party out over multiple days. So, beginning with Thursday they love the idea of using one day to come in to set everything up. They can decorate, rehearse and even have time for a rehearsal dinner. (You can also call it "the pre-party). Go ahead and tap the keg and pass around hot steaming slices of pizza. Add a nice bag salad from the wholesale club and wham! You're all set.

Now let's talk about the Party Pak. Along with the Thursday perk which includes coming in on Thursday to set up and decorate, you also receive a Party-Pak. The Party Pak includes pizza and soft drinks to get the party started. We even give you a gift card so you can choose where you'd like to purchase your favorite pizza. Sam's Club has an amazing value on large pizzas. While Sam's is getting your order ready, grab a couple of bags of salad, sodas, and a couple of bags of ice. Take a bow baby. Your bridal party is going to think you're amazing.

With each Friday that is booked, we will gift you the Thursday perk and a 100.00 Visa gift card to make the pizza purchase. Feel free to order veggies and meat trays if that's what you prefer. Really the choice is up to you.

What are some other reasons why couples love Fridays?

How about a meet and greet for family members? The bride's side and the groom's side can spend a little more time getting to know each other. It also makes an awesome "meet and greet" for the wedding party. Food, games, and dancing are great ways for the wedding party to get to know each other before the big day. Practice your dance moves, Come on girls, help the guys out with their moves so that on wedding day, the whole wedding party is stylin' on the dance floor. Turn on the special effects lights and dim the chandeliers and watch the dance floor turn into pure magic.

Games are tons of fun and can build camaraderie before the big event. It's really nice to know the groomsman you'll be walking down the aisle with versus meeting him in the last few hours before the ceremony.

How about you? Does a Friday wedding with a Thursday pre-party fit your vibe? It's definitely something to think about!

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