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I Do's And I Do Not's

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Some venues are flexible and others go so far as to require only certified licensed professionals. They also require security guards, a bartender and so on. At the Belvedere, we are very flexible and have an open vendor policy which means you are free to hire the vendor of your choice. And of course all venues have rules. We lovingly call ours the "I Do's And The I Do Not's". The reservation agreement refers to some of our policies. If you'd like, you can review it by logging into your client portal to view the agreement for more information.

Here, we will discuss a little more in depth about our house rules. They are provided for our couples who are very hands on and are detail minded. They want to minimize any damage to the venue and of course there's always the chance that the incurred expenses fee that is paid to the venue will not be enough to cover the damage caused by the couples, vendors, guests and their children. If you're one of the many couples booked with the venue, this is for you.


Most damage is not caused by the actual couple and in fact is caused by her set up or clean up crew which is usually her friends and family. Simply communicating with the set up crew and clean up crew will greatly reduce any overages to the incurred expenses fee..

Check lists and of course our open houses and walk throughs are appreciated by our couples and their family. Over all, the day runs much smoother when everyone is on the same page. You'll find that our house rules are pretty much industry standard meaning that most venues have the same rules.

  • Review the policy on glitter, loose sequins, confetti, fake rose petals or other items that require special treatment or equipment to retrieve or remove. Less expensive dresses unfortunately use glitter to "glam" them up. Sometimes glitter is used in the veil as trim to add a "fancy" effect. When dress shopping, be aware of glitter that might be used in the making of the dress. Glitter, confetti, loose sequins, helium balloons and other decorative items that are costly to remove or retrieve are not allowed. Biodegradable confetti is not biodegradeable over night or in time for the next event. It takes several rains to degrade this type of confetti. Glitter can easily cost 650.00 to clean up. The crew must use special equipment to remove all of the items in the building and use the floor cleaning machine to clean the floors in time for the next days wedding.

  • Fake rose petals are not allowed since the wind can blow them out of the building into the landscaping or parking lot creating a costly clean up. Real rose petals are allowed.

  • Open flames and on site cooking are not allowed including grills, candles, fireworks, etc. Roaster ovens are not allowed since they will trip the breakers potentially losing amenities such as heat or air conditioning. The HVAC system will require a reset by a licensed professional and unfortunately they are not available after hours. This also applies to electric heaters being used in the barn. If you trip the breaker, you'll potentially lose heat in the facility for the duration of your event.

  • Signs, banners, or additional decorations may not be taped, nailed, stapled or otherwise fastened to the furniture, walls, floors, ceiling or other surface of the venues property.

  • The long wooden tables can not be moved without extensive damage. The joints will be broken on these tables which were for the most part, built in place. Special equipment is used to move the tables without damage.

  • On site cooking is not allowed by insurance companies. A professional caterer has the proper equipment to keep the food warm.

So, that's it. There may be other items not listed in this post so if you're not sure, go ahead and send us an email to see if it's allowed. If we don't hear from you, we can only assume that you are aware of the cost and want the clean up company to clean it up for you. If the cost is in excess of the incurred expense fee that was paid to the venue, then we can invoice it to you after the event which is due upon receipt. We have the easiest most flexible rules but, unfortunately there are a few things that we can't allow since the cleanup of these items would be cost prohibited. Your wedding planner will be a huge help in planning and managing your event. If you need a recommendation for an event manager, email us and we will send you a list of popular planners and event managers that many of our couples use.

Maybe we will see you at the next open house!

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