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Join Us For Our Spring Open House

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Come join us for our Spring Fling on Sunday, February 21st from 1-4pm to welcome all of our new 2021-2022 couples!

We are excited to host the open houses for our engaged couples who have already booked with The Belvedere to allow them the opportunity to visit the facility, see what's new, walk the grounds and even take engagement and "save the date" photos.

This is also a perfect time to meet a few of the amazing wedding vendors we love working with! Belvedere couples who have already reserved the venue for their date, are moving ahead in the planning process by booking the rest of their wedding professionals such as caterers, photographers and DJ's.

Stop by to sample catering, cake tastings and refreshments, rehearse or take engagement photos. Every year, the venue acquires decor, so stop by to check out what's new. Door prizes, we've given away in the past, are free rehearsal packages, early arrival, and the salon as well as a table linen package and an upgraded centerpiece package.

The image on the right is a beautiful centerpiece you'll be able to view from one of the event rental companies.

Couples who RSVP will automatically be registered for our give-aways. To RSVP, login to your "Online Planner" and scroll down to the list of open houses.

RSVP to the open house and you'll be automatically entered to win give aways and door prizes. Plus, it helps our caterers and cake chefs know how many people are coming so there's enough cake for everyone!

See you at the February Open House!

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