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Lynae & Solomon

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

We are so excited to share Lynae and Solomon's wedding.

From the initial tour of the venue, as we strolled the venue, we knew from talking with them that this was going to be a special event.

Lynae and Solomon, affectionately known as "Solly" have a ton of friends. In getting to know them, I could easily see why! On wedding day, the building was packed with friends and family who came to enjoy celebrating with a day of food, fun and dancing!

Here's a few photos to give you a peek at their special day.

Belvedere Ballroom Bride

Belvedere Ballroom Bride

Belvedere Ballroom

Beautiful Belvedere Ballroom Bride

Thanks to the beautiful and talented Celesta Champagne Photography for sharing the photos!

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