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Never Book A Venue Based On Price Alone, Part2

Selecting the venues to tour for your important event can be overwhelming, particularly if you have never booked a venue before. It can be tempting to review all of the venue websites and choose a venue based on price. Big mistake! Many venues don't list all of their amenities on their website so as you're comparing venues, you may be missing the free stuff that can only be viewed during a tour. Amenities are everything when selecting a venue and can result in a ton of savings.

The best way to maximize your venue budget is to compare amenities. Amenities are "everything" when comparing venues. Of course, the best way to compare amenities is to schedule a tour. Venues simply have too many amenities to list on the website and many can only be appreciated by viewing in person.

If you're considering a DIY venue, then here is a bonus reason why you should never book a venue based on price alone. The number 2 reason why you should never select a venue based on price is that many DIY venues are priced according to square footage. So, the smaller the venue, the lower the rate will be. Remember, this applies to DIY venues where you are only renting the space and any amenities that the venue is throwing in. This may not apply to all-inclusive venue where they will provide the catering, coordinators and perhaps, the DJ. Big difference! Know the type of venue you are booking.

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