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Online Wedding Attire Resources

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Ah! The joy of planning your wedding from the comfort of your living room...or your bedroom if you're like me and love to scroll your iphone before bedtime.

We've come across a few online wedding attire resources that we thought we'd gather up for you to check out. If you followed us here from Pinterest, go back and save this pin for easy reference. And here's a money saving tip if you're shopping for a budget friendly wedding dress. When visiting these sites, don't forget to shop the bridesmaid dress section. Use the filters that their site offers you to narrow down all of the white or ivory dresses for you to review as possible options for your dress. These are amazing options if you're planning a casual soiree!

Azazie is one of our favorites. They feature gorgeous wedding attire including a try at home program.

Birdy Grey features attire for the guys. Another one of our favorites. We're also loving their monogram shop!

Kennedy Blue has their own try at home program. They have a super cute selection of brides dresses as well as bridesmaids attire.

The try at home programs have been extremely popular with online shops. These are three of our online favorite shops to check out. If you followed us here from Pinterest, go ahead and save or follow us to refer back to later. Below you'll find a link to a few more of our online shops. Check them out!

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