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Open House Check List

Updated: Mar 28

As a DIY venue, you'll be responsible for providing all of the services for your event.

If a toilet backs up or if you lose power in the building, will you know what to do? Is your wedding planner aware of how to handle these situations and is this a part of her job description? Print out the check list and attend an open house so you'll know what to do in an emergency. We're seeing more couples visit the venue just to look at decorations. We often hear couples say, "Oh, we will figure it out". Unfortunately, they will not be fully prepared for the event and will be completely overwhelmed on wedding day. The venue simply rents the space but, maybe you'll find these check lists helpful.

  • Do you know where the dumpster is?

  • Do you know how the chandelier dimmer works?

  • Have you located the special effects lights?

  • Do you know how to operate the sound system?

  • Do you know how to lock the doors at the end of the night?

  • Do you know where the mop and broom are?

  • Have you located both thermostats?

  • Do you have the list of items that you'll need to bring on wedding day?

  • Do you have a wifi hotspot or have you hired a reputable DJ who will handle this for you?

  • Do you know the table measurements?

  • Do you have someone who will perform restroom checks?

We often hear couples say, "Oh, we will figure it out". Unfortunately, guests start to leave if the event is not planned properly.

Other things to plan for: Who will be your designated clean up crew? Do they know the end of evening procedure?

Did you hire a planner or coordinator who can handle these details for you?

Who will monitor the restrooms for overflowing trash?

Has someone notified the caterer that roaster ovens will blow the breakers?

Has someone verified with the DJ that they will not tape their cords to the floor which pulls off the finish?

Has someone verified with the set up crew to not fasten any decor to any surface of the faciltiy including isle runners?

There are so many details to look out for. Most of our events hire professionals which make the day run so much smoother.

The venue simply rents the space but, we're happy to share some tips to make your day run a little smoother. Print the checklist and attend an open house. We're there to help with any questions you may have.

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