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Set Up Procedure

Did you know that statistically, most venue damage will come from helpers who are setting up for the event? It seems couples are never the ones who damage the venue but, instead it's their helpers who are setting up for the day or taking down at the end of the evening. Simply communicating with your helpers on what is allowed or not allowed can save you thousands of dollars in damage to the facility. Your incurred expenses fee is only 400.00 and in no way can cover things like glitter, damage to the walls or floors from attaching decor or isle runners using unapproved tape and other fasteners. Most couples are happy to pay for the damages, but not everyone has the extra cash to pay for the damage. Here is a quick list of some of the items that you'll find in your contract/agreement. You can also pick up a check list at the open house or schedule a walk through with your set up or clean up crew.

The list is industry standard and are prohibited by most or all venues.

  • FASTENERS: The use of any type of fastener to any surface of the facility or its furnishings including nails, command hooks, tape, tacks, staples, etc. Remind your DJ to not use tape to secure his cords to the floor and remind your helpers to not use tape to fasten an isle runner to the floor.

  • GLITTER: Glitter, sequins, confetti, helium balloons or any other decor that requires the use of special handling or equipment to clean of remove. The furniture has to be removed and special equipment brought in to clean glitter in time for the next morning's event. Scissor lifts must be brought in to retrieve helium balloons. Review your decor and wedding attire for glitter. The fee will be invoice to you and due upon receipt.

  • OPEN FLAMES: Open flames are not allowed by your insurance including fire works, grills, fire pits, etc. If you're unsure, contact the venue. Security is monitoring the facility. If these items are used, someone will be dispatched to remain on duty through out the rest of the evening. Remember, there is another sweet bride who is counting on you to take care of the facility for her event the next day.

  • ONSITE COOKING: Onsite cooking is not allowed by your insurance or the venue. Roaster ovens will trip the breakers and you will lose power in the building. Check with your caterer to make sure they use professional food warming equipment. Will you know what to do if you lose power in the building? You could potentially lose heating or air conditioning if you trip a breaker. A reset to the HVAC unit will be required by a service man who may not be available on weekends or after hours, leaving you with no heat or air conditioning for the duration of your event.

  • WOODEN TABLES: The long wooden tables are permanent. The joints are easily broken if they are moved. On one occasion, groomsmen moved the tables and broke the joints because the bride did not communicate with her wedding party. The repair cost was 1127.00 which they happily paid but, not everyone has the extra money to pay for damages from their guests. We provide a ton of information to avoid incurred expenses. An event manager will be the best investment in your event. Events seldom go well without hiring professionals.

  • FAKE ROSE PETALS: Fake rose petals are not allowed since the wind can blow them out of the building into the landscaping or parking lot creating a costly clean up. Real rose petals are allowed. An event manager will be the best investment in your event. Events seldom go well without hiring professionals.

  • ELECTRIC HEATERS IN THE BARN/CHAPEL: Electric heaters will also trip the breaker resulting in losing HVAC in the venue.

  • DISMANTELING OR DISCONNECTING SECURITY EQUIPMENT: Fire extinguishers, door rugs, signage or other items required for safety reasons are required to protect your investment. If a guest slips because you removed a rug, you could potentially be liable for their medical costs plus so much more. A wedding planner is skilled in helping you protect your investment and financial future.

These are many of the things that family members are not aware of when setting up for events. Unfortunately many times the couple fails to communicate with her set up crew. If she hasn't hired a professional wedding planner or event manager, damages and costs can escalate into the thousands of dollars.

Along with the checklists that you'll find in your online planner, here are a few suggestions to get your helpers headed in the right direction.

  1. The door code activates at the time the reservation begins. Arriving any sooner will result in everyone sitting in the parking lot until the system activates the code.

  2. Upon arrival, inspect your decor for glitter, loose sequins, fake rose petals or other items that take special equipment to remove or retrieve.

  3. Take a picture of the facility so you'll know how to put everything back at the end of the night. It will also come in handy in case of an insurance claim.

  4. Remind your helpers not to fasten anything to any surface of the venue.

As you can see, there are so many details that it's extremely difficult for a bride or her family to keep up with. We strongly recommend a professional wedding planner. It's great if a friend wants to help but, in no way do they have the experience of a professional not to mention the liability they unknowingly take on by calling themselves a wedding planner/event manager. Give us a shout if you'd like a recommendation for a wedding planner/event manager.

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