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Tips For Couples Searching For Wedding Venues

There are so many beautiful wedding venues near Joplin. A newly engaged couple can easily become overwhelmed, particularly if they've never booked a wedding venue before! 

Here are a couple of tips to get started! 

Review the websites of your favorite venues. Check out the images on venue websites to get an idea of what your wedding day photos will look like. 

Make sure the venue will fit the vibe you're looking for. 

A groom enjoying himself at a wedding venue in Joplin
Wedding venues in Joplin

Compare Pricing And Amenities: Pay extra attention to square footage. Many wedding venues near Joplin are too small for today's trendy brides.   Also, consider amenities. Amenities are EVERYTHING when booking a venue. What are amenities? Amenities are the FREE stuff...the perks! Schedule a tour of Wildflower612 first. We will give you tips along the way to help you know what to look for when selecting a venue.

A bride and groom on wedding day at a Joplin wedding venue
A Wildflower612 couple on wedding day

Verify Availability: Pick your top 3 Joplin wedding venues and verify availability. Have a couple of dates in mind! You'll miss out on an amazing venue if you're stuck on a date. 

If you're flexible...even better!

We can help you select a date within your budget to save hundreds of dollars off your package.


Schedule a tour!

Let's get together! We love showing off all of the amenities that come with your package. Amenities are EVERYTHING when couples are booking Joplin wedding venues. We also offer an impressive online resource guide to help you rock your wedding day vision! Your guests will be amazed that you planned such a stunningly beautiful event.

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