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Tips On Comparing Venues

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Touring venues for your important event can be overwhelming, particularly if you have never booked a venue before. DIY Venues generally are priced by square footage of the event space. The smaller the venue, the less you'll pay. This is a big reason why industry leaders recommend hammering down the guest list before booking a venue.

Another way to maximize your venue budget is to compare amenities. Amenities are "everything" when comparing venues. The Belvedere is fully transparent on pricing, packages and amenities which makes it easy to compare the best value for you. Of course the best way to compare amenities is to schedule a tour. Venues simply have too many amenities to list on the website and many can only be appreciated by viewing in person.

Schedule your tour with The Belvedere first to receive your complimentary venue comparison consultation and checklist which will be extremely helpful to compare venues from square footage to included amenities. We'll include a free resource guide which will be helpful at whatever venue you end up booking. We can also recommend other venues based on your size and amenities requirements. If you don't book our venue, we will still be thrilled for you to book one of our venue friends and thrilled for our venue friends to have booked such a lovely couple.

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