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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Here's a sample list of things to bring. Your wedding planner will have a complete list of items for you to bring but, this is just a recommendation list from the venue.

1. Paper Towels: If you're bringing your own food, you'll want to bring paper towels. Don't count on the venue's restroom towels since these will be used for your guests to wash their hands.

2. Trash Bags: The venue provides starter bags for the trash cans. Your caterer might bring a few with her but, it's best to bring extras just in case. Our trash cans use 33-35 gallon size bags.

3. Dish Soap: Dish soap comes in handy to clean up spills around the food and drink stations.

4. Food Storage Containers: If you have extras that are food safe to bring home, you may decide to have a late night snack once you get home or to the hotel. If you're flying out that night for your honeymoon, then they will come in handy for family members to pack up and bring home. Otherwise if the item is not safe to reheat or eat later, go ahead and pitch it.

5.Phone Charger: You'll be busy through out the day taking pics. There are plenty of outlets in the salon.

6. Aux Cords: Aux cords or microphones if needed. Attend an open house to check out the sound system if you're not hiring a DJ. You don't want to be trying to figure everything out on wedding day.

7. Batteries: The flameless candles require batteries. Attend an open house to see what size batteries you'll need. Be sure to take them with you if you'd like. We always recommend fresh batteries so the flameless candles will last all night.

8.Flash Lights: In case you lose power from storms or too many roaster ovens and crockpots. They will also come in handy to check the parking lot at the end of the night for trash or lost groomsmen ;)

Your wedding planner or event manager can handle many of these details for you. Wouldn't it be nice to roll in on wedding day and let someone else handle all of the details? If you have any suggestions for us to add to this list, send us a quick email. Our couples love these check lists and cheat sheets!

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