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Wedding Event Liability Insurance Requirements

Updated: Feb 29

You wouldn't buy a car and not insure it..why would you spend thousands on a wedding and not want to insure your big day?

Most people ask themselves whether they really need insurance. The question to ask is why would they not need insurance. An event with lots of people rarely goes off without a hitch, particularly when alcohol and food are involved. Compound the situation by adding vendors who are unlicensed and non-insured.

All event venues require that you'll accept responsibility for any and all injury, damage, negligence, theft etc. It's industry standard to require event liability insurance. One misstep and your fresh beginning will wind up with financial disaster. Don't take these chances! Provide peace of mind to each other, your family and your guests. Because insurance is so inexpensive, many venues require it to be purchased upon signing the rental contract or soon after. Your venue will let you know when it should be purchased and on file. Make a note of the deadline, as venues will cancel your event if you don't provide proof of insurance by a certain time frame. If your contract requires it and you don't provide proof of insurance, it's considered "Breach Of Contract" and the event could be shut down! Don't take these chances. Insurance is cheap and easy to get.

At the bottom of this post is a link to enroll online.. Insurance is required by the venue and must be on file according to the deadline on your contract. Refer back to your contract when the insurance must be on file. You can send or email us a copy but, it must be on file by the deadline or the system automatically cancels the reservation. It's part of our online system which does everything automatically. We even have a handy "UPLOAD" link on the online planner for you to upload through our website. Also, customer service department can email a copy to us which will save time and worry. Most couples put the insurance due date as well as payment due dates in their smart phone and set an alert.

Please don't let your contract cancel because of non-payment of proof of insurance! You'll have to fill out new reservation paperwork and your contract may not be the same as when you first booked. Technically if your reservation is cancelled because breach of contract, lack of payment or proof of insurance, you technically do not have a venue booked and we will need to act fast to get the venue booked and secured and back in your name as soon as possible. This has only happened once! We're fortunate that 99.9% of our brides purchase insurance soon after booking.

Here is a link to the insurance company providing the minimum coverage required.

Your policy must be purchased in the contract signor's name and include

liquor liability regardless of whether you will be serving or allowing alcohol at your event.


Each Occurrence 2,000,000

General Aggregate 2,000,000

Waiver Of Subrogation is required

5000.00 Medical Expense Add On, see below

Also, list the venue as additional insured as follows

The Belvedere LLC

3721 S Chapel Rd

Carthage, MO 64850

  • Forward a copy of the policy to

  • Insurance must be purchased in the contract signor's name

  • If a policy is purchased from another company, it's possible that it will be incorrect and not fill the venue's requirements. It could result in you having to purchase another policy with no refund on the original policy that you purchased. It can also create delays with the possibility of not receiving a policy in time for event day.

  • 5000.00 Medical Expense Add On, (5,000.00 Med Exp. is no-fault insurance for medical expenses. If someone is injured at your event, Med Exp. coverage will pay up to the stated amount for medical expenses regardless of who was at fault or caused the injury.)

  • Cancellation And Postponement Coverage is optional and recommended

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