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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Your venue is booked!

So, you're asking, what's next?

You're venue is reserved, Yay! When booking your other vendors, you'll now have a date and location for them when you inquire about their services. This is one of the first things they will ask.


We have a small shelf of decor to pick from or design/personalize something yourself. Our decor is absolutely free to use however it varies and is unpredictable as to what's in inventory. Sometimes things get damaged, dirty or misplaced and is removed from inventory. The items you've seen may not be available on wedding day. You can use whatever you want from our free decor room.

Visiting The Venue

Visits are limited to open houses. It's very common for us to have small weddings and events through the week and on weekends and wouldn't want you to walk in disrupt their ceremony or event so we've set aside times for you to come view the venue.


Most of our brides opt out of the rehearsal. If you'd like to schedule a rehearsal, let us know and we can add it to your invoice. Since the ballroom is setup for an event, we don't allow access into the main building but, you are welcome to use the outdoor ceremony areas. There's a restroom on the west side of the venue. Rehearsals generally only take about 20 minutes.

Open Houses

Periodically, the venue opens the doors to Belvedere brides to come, look around, see what's new. It's an excellent time to test the sound system and learn about the "Fire Code" approved table layouts. We will talk about how to reach security in an emergency, your guest count, ceremony location, show you where the light switches, mop, broom and plunger are and also instructions on "end of evening procedure" etc. The venue is not available on wedding day. You will have security's phone number but, he does not have information to help you concerning things such as how to hook up to the sound system or what to do if you trip a breaker. The open houses are set up for you to learn about these things so that you'll know what to do on wedding day. A wedding planner will be the best investment that you can make to ensure a perfect day.

If you need help or have any questions, check out your contract or our FAQ post first to see if your question is answered there. If not, feel free to email. We know you have a lot on your shoulders and it helps to have someone answer questions quickly as they come up. If you get too overwhelmed, we can refer a wonderful coordinator.

Most importantly, have fun. Happy wedding planning!!

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