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Free Decor!

Updated: May 12, 2023

We have a unique program here at

The Belvedere

Thanks to our brides who have

generously donated to our

Bride To Bride, Paying It Forward Program

We have shelves of decor, signs, centerpieces and vintage furniture you can use for your next event.

Our inventory is always growing and changing with items that you can borrow for free.

These sweet girls have donated items from their wedding that they will no longer use and hope it would help someone like you. In turn, perhaps you will leave something for someone decorating their event.

Keep in mind that some of these donations could be one of a kind or DIY project items. Many DIY donations really weren't meant to be used for hundreds of events. If an item gets dirty or damaged, there is no way to replace it. Thousands of people pass through our doors every year so it's understandable that an item might get broken and unusable. Plus, items can accidentally get taken home and although they are always returned, it may not be returned in time for your event. We feel very lucky to have such great families help us take care of the decor room but, in all transparency we feel you need to be aware of the possibility of an item not being available on wedding day. As you visit the open houses every month, you'll notice that 99 percent of the inventory is still intact!

As wedding day approaches, go ahead and attend an open house to get an idea of what's available. You're not locked into using only the venue's decor. If you'd like, you can bring your own decorations and then accent your theme with items from the venue. This way, your theme will be unique to you! We have a large lending closet so you'll be sure to find something awesome to use on wedding day!

After your event, if you'd like to pay it forward, sure, go ahead and leave something for the next bride.

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