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How To Pick A Wedding Date

Helpful Tip from our idea file
 How To pick a wedding date

Selecting a wedding date for your event can be stressful.

 Here's a tip our trendy brides have figured out.

Some couples pick a date based on a milestone such as a day they met or the day they went on their first date. This is pretty common but, unfortunately, can lead you to become fixated on a date that limits you on the time of year or could result in booking a less than desirable venue. Most couples after several years of marriage will admit that ultimately, the date really didn't matter. but, they felt pressured to choose a date before they could even start the planning process.

​Picking a wedding date!

Here is what our trendy brides have figured out. Flexibility is key! Keeping your options open before scheduling tours will land you the best dates at the best venues and at the best rate.

The best venues book first and couples are quick to catch on. They know that in order to have the perfect venue, they have to be flexible.

This is extremely helpful to the venue coordinator who can help with pricing and packages. She's aware of the best dates

based on price and amenities as well as dates that traditionally have the best guest turnouts,

such as New Years Eve weddings and Labor Day weekend weddings. There are also the

fun dates such as 10-10-10 or 4-3-21. The venue coordinator can also help you select a

 date based on promotions and packages saving you thousands, literally!

When you look at venue photos and wonder how couples are managing to afford everything, simply remember to stay flexible. In the end, the only date that will matter will be the date you ultimately get married on.

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