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It's Wedding Day! (Upon Arrival Checklist)

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

What an exciting day!

You have worked so hard to make your day special. You've got a lot on your shoulders today and could probably use all the help you can get. Did you know that most damage is caused by friends and family who are helping with the setup process? Most couples hire planners or event managers so if you're trying to do everything yourself or with the help of friends and family today, she will need the extra tips to make the day run smoothly. Here is a checklist so that her setup and clean-up crew will know what to do to help pitch in to lighten your load and reduce any overages to the Incidentals Fee.

  • Do an inspection. Make sure that rentals have arrived and that the building is satisfactory. Decor is free to use and what you saw previously may not be available due to damage, theft, etc.

  • Take pictures so you'll know how to return the cake table, gift table and other tables that you have permission to move.

  • Count your tables and chairs to make sure everything is on-site and ready for wedding day. Please don't attempt to move the wooden tables, you'll break the joints!

  • Remind your helpers to not nail, staple, tape, or otherwise fasten anything to the walls, floors and ceilings including aisle runners or the DJ's electrical cords. (It leaves a residual and pulls the finish off the surface)

  • Propping the doors open will sound alarms. It's common for birds and squirrels to get in. Animal exclusion companies are hard to find, particularly on a weekend night. There's a small sign on the door as a reminder.

  • Review your decor, gown and veil for glitter. Also check for sequins, confetti, helium balloons, fake rose petals/leaves and other items which are not allowed at the venue since they require special handling or equipment to remove or retrieve. JJ's Cleaning Co charges 650.00 to clean glitter and 300.00 to clean up fake rose petals.

  • Do not dismantle or disassemble any decor or furniture. Decor and furnishings are not allowed outside of the ballroom due to theft, damage, etc. Furniture and decor items that are mounted to the wall are secured for safety reasons.

  • Please call the venue for clarification if you are unsure if your decision or choice will result in overages to the incurred expenses fee. You have already paid for some damages in advance but, if you take extra care and precautions, we will refund any unused monies that weren't used for repairs, damages, incurred expenses.

Most couples schedule a pre-wedding meeting with their helpers at an open house. This is a great time to share the list and to show the designated clean up crew what they will need to know. The "End Of Evening" checklist as well as the "Set Up" checklists were sent with the welcome letter upon booking. They can also be found in the Online Planner and Final Detail Questionnaire and are available at the open houses.

This list was put together with suggestions from our couples. Do you have anything you'd add to the list? Send a quick email to

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