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The Truth About Wedding Venue Pricing

Many couples sign on the dotted line before looking deeper into their venue's pricing. Don't get stuck with a final bill that's triple what you thought it would be! Read these quick tips to make sure you know what you're getting into!

Table and Chair pricing-many venues price their venue and charge or “upsell” any extras like tables and chairs. The initial price looks great and right on budget until you discover the hidden extras. The price at first glance looked very attractive. Now you’re not so sure it fits in your budget. The Belvedere lists all amenities on their website. This helps you to "prescreen" venues that may or may not be in your price range.

Linens The pictures of the venue shows all the tables having beautifully pressed table linens. When you ask about linens, they proceed to tell you that they don’t supply linens. You soon find out that the event rental company doesn’t have them in stock for your date and the cheapest you can find online is roughly the same cost of renting.

Cake Cutting Your bakery made your cake exactly like the picture you brought in. It was more than you wanted to spend but, what a showstopper. When asking the venue about delivery times he informs you there is a cake cutting fee. What!...and it’s priced per person! 3.00 a person with a guest count of 200 people was going to cost almost as much as the cake. Belvedere has some amazing cake artists who can work with any budget. Need a referral? Let us know! We will pass along their contact info.

Wedding Cancellation Insurance Sure the venue has insurance. The type of insurance they carry is general liability and not wedding cancellation insurance. Don’t assume the venues insurance will cover things such as cancellation or postponement due to weather, damage to the facility, sickness, failure of the professional to show up, stolen or damaged gifts, damaged equipment rentals ruined or damaged bridal gown or other special attire, lost or stolen rings. Help protect yourself against financial loss that could result from a wedding mishap or vendor incident, by searching for a reputable wedding cancellation Insurance policy.

Wedding coordinators When reading about all of the dreamy wedding venues in the area, you’ll come across the term “venue coordinator”and “wedding coordinator”. The venue coordinator is the person in charge of the venue on the day of your event. Venue coordinators are responsible for everything that happens at the venue. For that reason, they usually won't be helping with your wedding timeline for hair and makeup. And checking in with your vendors to schedule deliveries. In short, they are focused on making sure everything at the venue runs smoothly from an event standpoint. Design, planning and coordinating of the wedding is what a wedding coordinator (also known as a wedding planner) is responsible for. Not a venue coordinator.

When you’re hammering out a contract with your venue, make sure you get in writing, exactly what’s included in the cost, exactly what’s required but not included, what else you might need that you’ll have to get elsewhere (tables and chairs in some cases,) and exactly what fees will get tacked onto the final bill. Read all of the information they give you to get a clear idea of what fees the venue charges. When you book your event with Belvedere, we are there to help you understand what is included with all of the different packages. Feel free to call us if you have any questions!

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