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Your "Client Portal" is changing!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Effective January 31st, your client portal will be undergoing some new changes. To add an extra layer of privacy and security, your client portal will require a password. You can select a password or you can have the system generate a password for you. An email will be sent out in January letting you know about the new changes.

The client portal is where all of your documents are stored. You'll find a copy of your contract, quotes and invoices as well as final detail questionnaires that are required to issue your door code. Questionnaires are sent 21-30 days before your event.

The client portal allows you to update your personal information such as email, phone numbers and mailing address. Your contract requires this information to be updated as needed so this new feature will make it easy and convenient.

A link to your client portal can be found here in your online planner effective January 31st. Click on the link and enter your email and the password to view all of your financials and other documents.

Mark your calendar or sign up for the text messaging platform found in your online planner. The text messaging platform is another great way to stay updated about everything new happening at the venue.

Happy wedding planning!

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