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New Years Eve Weddings...YES!

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Here's a reason why... or maybe 2 or maybe 3 reasons why having a New Years' Eve wedding is so fab!

1. As a wedding venue, we consistently see higher guest turnout during holiday weekends and New Year's Eve is one of the best. Think about it... guests are already looking for a party to celebrate the new year so why not make your event a reason to ring in the new year in style?

2. New Year's Day is a holiday so this means a lot of people might have the day off to recover, Lol.

3. Winter weddings are inherently gorgeous. Rich jewel tones, gorgeous dresses, and stunning decor.

The decor can be a nod towards New Years' Eve with gorgeous blacks and golds and tons of champagne or it could be a nod towards winter weddings with rich jewel tones, and hot chocolate bars so the choice is yours. We've seen it done both ways and you just can't go wrong either way.

Need some inspiration for your New Years' Eve wedding?

Check out our Pinterest board.

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